Nicaragua addresses

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How to format an address for Nicaragua


Postcode type and position
7 digits on the line before the municipality name, with a dash between the 3rd and 4th digits and between the 6th and 7th digits.
E.g. "050–008–4"

Coding methods
050 - 008 - 4
  = district
  = block
  = side

Sr. Juan Manuel Nurinda
Del Hotel Granada 1c. arriba 75 vrs. alsur.
Reparto Santa Isabel
At present, the postcode system used in Nicaragua consists of seven digits, as presented above. It will be noted that this postcode does not contain coding above district level. Sorting by department and/or municipality is performed manually, on the basis of the department and municipality names.

However, in preparation for the future mechanization of sorting, a new postcode system has been designed and developed to allow the inclusion of coding for the department and municipality. So, for the above example, the full postcode, comprising 11 digits, will be XXYY–050–008–4, where XX is the department code and YY the locality code. Until automated sorting is introduced, however, only the last seven digits of the full code will be used.

Address position & alignment



Sr. Juan Manuel Nurinda addressee name
Del Hotel Granada 1c. arriba 75 vrs. alsur. traditional address
Reparto Santa Isabel district name
050–008–4 postcode
GRANADA, GRANADA municipality name, department name

List of departments

  • Boaco
  • Carazo
  • Chinandega
  • Chontales
  • Esteli
  • Granada
  • Jinotega
  • Leon
  • Madriz
  • Managua
  • Masaya
  • Matagalpa
  • Nueva Segovia
  • Rio San Juan
  • Rivas


Correos de Nicaragua
Apartado postal 000
Tel: (+505 2) 222 048
Fax: (+505 2) 222 520

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