Address lookup

Address lookup

Fill out address forms using just the postcode, to help your customers and staff save time. Reduce the chance of storing misspelt or incomplete address too.

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Address autocomplete

Autocomplete shows suggestions as you start typing an address. Great for when your users are unsure of the postcode but know the rough address.

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Look up the latitude and longitude co-ordinates for a postcode or address in the UK. Perfect for plotting customers on a map or powering local search and find my nearest tools.

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IP to location

Find location information about your website visitors based on their IP address. Then use this to pre-populate country dropdown fields, suggest language defaults and much more.

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Email validation

Email validation

Use email validation to spot mistakes in addresses before storing them in your database, or sending emails to them. Our two-step process checks the syntax and confirms the mail server associated with the address actually exists.

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Bulk address cleansing

Validate and enhance your UK and international customer address database, either using our software or via our bureau service. Stop delivering to incorrect addresses and increase response rates.

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Address data

Address data

Use address data files for the whole of the UK or specific areas, to enhance and extend your customer data or to help you find new customers and audiences.

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Windows SDK

Windows address SDK

UK address SDK for Windows and embedded database to allow you to integrate address lookup into your software or server, without the need for an internet connection.

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