Lookup an address from just the postcode
Address lookup for 240+ countries

PostCoder Web is a cloud-based postcode lookup service which is securely hosted by us and regularly updated with the latest addresses. Your website or application can use it to validate and auto-fill addresses entered by your customers or staff.

  • Auto-fill an address from just the postcode
    Help your customers enter their address quickly and accurately
  • Improve your delivery performance
    Get the right address when you sell and avoid failed deliveries
  • Fast address lookup
    Let staff focus on your customers, rather than entering data

If you need a Windows SDK, try PostCoder API Pro »

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faster than our old address lookup supplier, along with exceptional service availability.

Jack Webb, Head of IT at Rent4Sure

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Address lookup and validation

Lookup full addresses quickly and accurately from just a postcode or the first line of an address. Help your customers and staff spend less time entering address data. Out-dated and re-coded postcodes are handled too. For address suggestions as you type, try address auto complete »

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Use PostCoder Web to get co-ordinates for plotting addresses and postcodes on a map. Latitude and longitude and grid references can be provided separately or included with addresses depending on your requirements.

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Email validation free service

PostCoder Web offers the ability to validate the syntax of an email address and check whether the mail server for the address exists, without sending an email first.

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Extra free-to-use services free service

In addition to free email validation, PostCoder Web also offers these free services:

  • Postcode validation - Quickly check if the postcode is valid and exists find out how »
  • IP to location - Get the registered location data including country and city find out how »
  • ISO country list - Get an up to date list of countries and ISO codes find out how »

UK address coverage

Royal Mail ONS OS
  • PostCoder Web uses the latest postal addresses from Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF®)
  • PAF® is the UK's definitive address source, providing 29 million addresses and 1.7 million postcodes
  • We ensure you get all PAF® changes; in March 2014, 30,316 new addresses were added
  • We also include location-dependent data sourced from Ordnance Survey, ONS and others
  • Also see our address data extracts and international address lookup service

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Our team are on-hand to provide free technical support and addressing advice on weekdays between 9am and 5pm.


Developers can integrate PostCoder Web using our code samples. For assistance, call us on 01508 494488 or use our contact form.

UK address lookup SDK

PostCoder API Pro logo Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide UK address lookup in a desktop application or server without the need for an internet connection. Find out more »

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