We want to rid the world of bad addresses

And we’ve got the people who have built the solutions to do it

Laptop with address lookup on screen

Allies office

More than 1 million transactions are handled every week by our hosted API. Its role is to make bad addresses good. It’s not an easy job.

Addresses come in all shapes and sizes around the world, and they’re easy to mistype. We’ve spent the last few years figuring out how to return a perfect address from one filled with typos and missing or unnecessary bits.

We’ve loaded all that complex logic into our API and designed it so that you can look up a single accurate address from scratch, or correct all the addresses in your database in an instant.

When we launched PostCoder Web in 2005, it knew only of UK addresses and monthly data updates.
Today, it supports over 240 countries and gets updated daily with around 5000 address changes.

Tablet computer with address lookup on screen

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The technology behind this and our other solutions is all thanks to our dedicated team in Norwich.

We are a superb blend; code lovers, pedantic testers, fanatical supporters, elder statesmen and young whippersnappers, bean counters and table tennis stars.

We share one thing: we love seeing our solutions make a difference to the businesses that are using them.

Allies was founded back in 1987 by Peter and Lorna Allies. Between them – plus two PhDs and several marathons – they built the UK’s first bulk address correction software and sold it soon after to the NHS.

Their dream was to innovate through a sustainable business that operated in an open and honest manner, and treated its people as well as its customers.

29 years later, we’re living that dream. Just ask our Customers.

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