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Our solutions are used by over 9,000 businesses

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Allies was founded by two people in 1987. Today we have a team of twenty and over 9,000 businesses using our solutions.

We are best known for providing some of the UK’s largest – and smallest – businesses with the postcode lookup technology that you use when filling in your address online.

2018 was our 31st year in business

Passing our 30th anniversary didn't slow us down. We're continuing to build on our successes and break new ground.

We began conducting and releasing our own industry research, and are always striving to make our solutions better for our users.

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More businesses than ever before start to use our solutions

Our tech helps your customers fill in their address. We process 1,000,000 requests each week.

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We add 40M+ extra addresses from new datasets like AddressBase and Eircode, and launch an email validation feature

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We win a 5-year contract to develop an addressing application for Royal Mail called UK Addresses

Faster, ever more intelligent technology

Addresses are key to our everyday lives. They connect us to other people, to our local community, to businesses, to the places we cherish.

We are on a mission to push the boundaries of global addressing: to create faster, ever more intelligent technology that connects you instantly to an address anywhere in the world.

The talent and focus of our team has helped us emerge as a leader in addressing technology.

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We reach out to 240 countries and make it possible to lookup an address anywhere in the world

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We launch Postcoder – one of the first cloud-based address validation services in the UK

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Windows software rules – we create a suite of desktop applications for address lookup and bulk address cleansing

A refreshingly different company

We care deeply about how we do business. We build APIs that are developer-friendly. We create meaningful documentation. We listen first and then recommend. We are always open and transparent.

We are proud of our 30-year track record but are committed to learning and doing better every day.

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Co-founders Peter Allies and Lorna Allies start the company and quickly win an addressing software contract with the NHS

Trusted by 9,000 businesses