Reseller programme

Extra tools and rewards when your clients use PostCoder

PostCoder helps you build better forms for your clients; forms that are easier to fill-in and that capture details your clients can rely on.

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PostCoder reseller programme

Reseller programme benefits

Quick setup

Add all of your clients with ease. Our reseller tools make it easy to get our services up and running on their websites and apps.

New clients

Get your name in front of our audience. To help you gain new clients, we’ll promote you on our marketing material.

10% cashback

Earn 10% cashback on credit packs when you have two or more clients. The larger the credit pack, the more you get back.

Extra tools for resellers

Reseller tools

Manage your clients with ease. Add / remove clients to your account and get sample code to copy-and-paste into their website or app.

Auto credit top-ups

Ensure your clients never run out of credit. Choose auto top-up when buying a credit pack and it will automatically top-up when it needs to.

Credit packs and monthly plans

Choose the option that works best for you and your clients. Credit can be allocated to one client, or shared between two or more of them.

Usage tracking and data export

Understand what your clients are doing. Visualise their usage through our suite of charts and export data into other applications like Excel.

Cashback rewards

When you have two or more clients, we'll pay you 10% cashback when you buy one of these credits packs:

Price Credits Cashback
£205 10,000 £20.50
£355 20,000 £35.50
£755 50,000 £75.50
£1,360 100,000 £136
£2,470 200,000 £247

Larger amounts of credit can also be purchased - contact us for pricing information.

Become a PostCoder reseller

Call 01508 494488 or email us to upgrade to a reseller account

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PostCoder integrates seamlessly with online forms, CRMs, finance systems and payment gateways, and is updated daily with the latest data from Royal Mail.

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