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Allies releases new autocomplete technology

Published on Jan 10, 2019


Allies, a leader in address validation technology, today announces the release of a new address autocomplete product that extends their flagship data validation API.

The new release for PostCoder features an entirely new address searching system, built from the ground up for ease of use when completing an address.

PostCoder's autocomplete endpoint supports UK addresses, and now for the first time, Irish Eircode addresses.

As part of its built-in world-class address matching technology, the predictive autocomplete can also handle a multitude of human errors.

  • Phonetic Spellings: Tourkey Marina (for Torquay Marina)
  • Extra spaces: Birch Wood Drive (for Birchwood Drive)
  • Missing spaces: Fieldacre Way (for Field Acre Way)
  • Common typos: Queens Road Notingham (for Queens Road Nottingham)
  • Abbreviated words: Roman Rd (for Roman Road)
  • Transposed characters: Liecester Street (for Leicester Street)

Businesses adopting the autocomplete functionality can take advantage of its instant feedback to users as they type - this can provide an edge over the traditional and familiar postcode lookup button.

"End users and developers alike will find that it just works," said Tim Stephenson, head of DevOps at Allies. "We've put a lot of care into accounting for the most common errors that people make when searching for an address, and we've made sure they won't hinder the overall experience. Developers meanwhile will find the system to be accessible and familiar, utilising the same robust API that has made PostCoder popular with over 9000 businesses around the world."

To find out if autocomplete is right for your business, get in touch with our dedicated Account Managers via phone on 01508 494488, or by email at

Try it for yourself here.

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