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Simplify your address form

People like simple forms with fewer fields. Raise conversion rates by allowing them to enter their address more easily.

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Save your staff time

Help your staff spend less time typing in addresses and more time concentrating on your customers and their needs.

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Capture accurate addresses

Make half-completed addresses filled with typos a thing of the past. Capture accurate data from your users from the start.

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Enhance your reputation

Don't skimp on user experience or risk sending mail with poorly-formatted addresses. It's the small things that count.


increase in conversion and a streamlined check-out process; we are delighted with the results.

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Cloud hosted, dependable, fast and secure web service API

Lookup and format international addresses in over 240 countries »

Soon to include Irish postal codes (or Eircodes) following their launch in June 2015

Pricing for lookups on a website

Buy 2,500 lookups for £115
the same as 4.6p per lookup
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