Eircode in an API

Use it to lookup Eircodes and Irish addresses

Data refreshed regularly   Coordinate information   Delivered as a web service

Irish address validation with Eircodes

Eircode lookup

Search by Eircode or part of an Irish address and return all of the matching addresses.

Eircode appending

Retrieve the Eircode and coordinate position associated with an Irish address.

Geo search

Find all of the Irish addresses within range of a specific point on a map.

Quick setup

Install on a website or app in the same way as you integrate Google Maps or PayPal.

Payment models

Pay for lookups in advance and use optional auto top-up, or pay monthly or each year.


Supports HTTPS to ensure the addresses you lookup are encrypted from end to end.

Eircode helps deliveries by making every Irish address unique

Just 2 years after the launch of the Irish postcode system, 7 out of 10 Irish online shoppers know their Eircode. The majority of consumers view Eircode as a way to make online shopping and deliveries easier, with fewer delays and missed deliveries.

7 out of 10 Irish online shoppers know their Eircode

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My house is hard to find without an Eircode

Irish consumer, August 2017

With Eircode, you can accurately capture Irish addresses on your website, and make your Irish customers feel confident that their order will be delivered safely to their home. Find out more with our free guide, Address lookup using Eircode (PDF).

Access every detail within the Eircode database

Including Irish language definitions with English translations

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  • Organisation
  • Postal address
  • Eircode
  • Routing key
  • Unique identifier
  • Spatial coordinates
  • Building and Building group
  • Address point and Sub address point
  • Thoroughfare
  • Locality
  • Post town
  • County
  • Building type
  • Address type
  • Alias info
  • Administrative info
  • GeoDirectory ID

Use PostCoder across your business


Make half-completed addresses filled with typos a thing of the past. Capture accurate addresses from the start.

Mobile apps

Use the property-level coordinates in Eircode to highlight nearby addresses to those with GPS-enabled devices.

Office apps

Help your staff spend less time typing in addresses and more time concentrating on your customers and their needs.

Use PostCoder across your business

A simple API for developers

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Cross platform Eircode lookup using the PostCoder Web API

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Reporting tools and usage alerts
350ms real-world response time
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