Geocoding API

Lookup coordinates and geo data for UK places and IP addresses

Return longitude and latitude   Reverse lookup   Delivered as a web service

Geocoding for web forms and mobile apps

Longitude and latitude

Return the coordinates and geodata for postcodes and addresses.

Reverse lookup

Translate a coordinate position from a map or a GPS to an address.

IP to location

Retrieve the country, city and coordinates for an IP address.

Quick setup

Install on a website or app in the same way as you integrate Google Maps or PayPal.

Payment models

Pay for lookups in advance and use optional auto top-up, or pay monthly or yearly.


Supports HTTPS to ensure your lookups are securely encrypted from end to end.

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A simple API for developers

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Cross platform UK geocoding using the PostCoder Web API

Easy to integrate examples
Secure HTTPS requests
Reporting tools and usage alerts
30ms average response time
>99.99% uptime
Enterprise SLA available

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