Mobile validation API

Check mobile numbers are valid

Capture better quality customer data   No ghost calls or texts   Stop wasting staff time

UK and international mobile number validation

Works internationally

Verify whether a UK or international mobile number is capable of receiving texts and calls.

Standardise numbers

Translate haphazardly inputted mobile numbers into a standard format for your database.

Switched on

Determine whether a mobile phone has been switched on recently.

Real time check

Validation performs a live HLR lookup rather than using historic records.

Network provider

Identify the carrier associated with a mobile phone number.

No silent calls

Mobiles are not called and will not ring during the validation process.

Use PostCoder across your business

Checkout and signup forms

Capture real numbers from your customers which you can rely on later.

Call centres

Help your staff by reducing their calls to numbers that don't exist.

CRMs and sales apps

Minimise typos by checking numbers as they’re entered into your system.

Use PostCoder across your business

A simple API for developers

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Cross platform mobile validation using the PostCoder Web API

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Reporting tools and usage alerts
350ms real-world response time
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