Flexible options that scale as your business grows.
Sign up for a free trial, then buy credits later.


500 credit pack

250 address lookups
= 8p per lookup

or 333 email validations
or 250 mobile validations


20,000 credit pack

10k address lookups
= 3.55p per lookup

or 13k email validations
or 10k mobile validations


200,000 credit pack

100k address lookups
= 2.47p per lookup

or 133k email validations
or 100k mobile validations


Volume discounts for higher usage
30-day rolling monthly plans
99.99% SLA and 24/7 support

Address data files
and data cleansing

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Useful information

Free trial account

Sign up for a free trial and get 100 free credits to use for testing. No payment details required.

When you’re ready to go live, get some credits using a credit pack or a monthly plan. Your credits can be used for any type of lookup.


Every type of lookup, from address lookup to email validation, uses one or more credits.

Credits per lookup

UK and international address lookups use 2 credits; this covers all third-party licence fees like those of Royal Mail.

Eircode lookups for Irish addresses use 4.5 credits; the cost reflects the higher than average third-party licence fees involved.

AddressBase lookups use 2 credits; any additional OS licence fees will be handled separately.

Email validations use 1.5 credits and mobile validations use 2 credits.

Credit packs

Credit packs last for 12 months and can be set to automatically top-up when they near zero or expire. All prices above exclude VAT.

You can purchase as many credit packs as you like within a year although it is always more cost-effective to purchase one large pack than several smaller ones. Sign up for a free trial and log in to see our full range.

Monthly plans

Monthly plans provide your account with a monthly allowance of credits. Usage beyond your allowance is invoiced every quarter. You can change your plan at any time and cancel with 30 days’ notice.