Store locator API

Help customers locate their nearest store on your website

Cross device and platform   Easy to use management tools   Highly customisable

Help your customers find your store

Create click and collect

Offer more than just delivery to your website, allow your customers to pick up from their nearest store

Not just for retailers

Any business with multiple locations can take advantage of our tools and APIs to help their customers

Improve after sales care

Allow your support team to quickly find the nearest repair or servicing agent for a customer

Cross device and platform

Use our API to build experiences for any platform, even use GPS on a mobile phone

Easy to use admin tools

Create lists of stores, hotels, restaurants or other places within our management tools

Highly customisable

Build on top of our example code or build your own exactly how you want

Try the demo to find your nearest train station

You can use our store locator with any type of asset

A simple API for developers

Sign up for an API key and get free lookups to try

Cross platform store finder using the PostCoder Web API

Easy to integrate examples
Secure HTTPS requests
Reporting tools and usage alerts
30ms average response time
>99.99% uptime
Enterprise SLA available

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8,000 businesses already trust us

“2x faster checkout times - PostCoder Web has literally transformed our checkout process”

- Zak Edwards, Founder of Prezzybox

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